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Pittsburgh news station KDKA reports that 35 firearms have been seized at Pittsburgh International Airport in 2019. When you’re traveling with a firearm, it’s important to remember that there are laws, regulations, and company policies that may prevent you from carrying your firearm in certain places.

Cars and other automobiles

Each state has different laws about how and whether you can carry a firearm in a car Be sure to check the laws of each state youre traveling through

In Pennsylvania, you can’t have a loaded firearm in a car unless you have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. And don’t forget: You can never carry a loaded long gun in a car.

If you are traveling to or through more than one state, it is important to check the firearm laws for each jurisdiction you’re going through. While some states will honor your concealed carry permit, others will not.

Airports, train stations, and other forms of public transportation


There are certain places that you aren’t allowed to take a firearm, even if you have a concealed carry permit. If you are traveling through an airport, federal regulations permit you to transport your unloaded weapon in checked baggage, but you cannot take a firearm or ammunition in a carry-on or onto the cabin with you. If you are in law enforcement, you may be able to fly armed if you meet certain criteria.


Each train company may have different rules for carrying a firearm Amtrak has a specific process for checking firearms and ammunition

Firearms may not be carried onto Amtrak trains. The company offers a process for checking firearms and ammunition.


Although you should always check with the bus company, Greyhound does not permit firearms on their buses, checked or carry-on.