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Defending Clients Charged With a Crime After a Self-Defense Related Incident

In an ideal world, people who use force to defend themselves or others would not be charged with crimes. Unfortunately, this is not the case.  After facing a life or death situation, people who use justifiable force to defend their physical safety are regularly forced to defend themselves in a court of law, as well.  Bickerton Law is experienced in defending clients who are charged with a crime after acting in self-defense.  If you are facing charges of assault or homicide after a self-defense incident, contact the firearms defense attorney of William R. Bickerton for a consultation.

Gun Rights Reinstatements

Bickerton Law is dedicated to helping people throughout Western Pennsylvania exercise their right to carry firearms.  Whether you are having issues with a NICS check or with a denial of a firearms permit, call at (412) 596-8124 for a consultation.

Firearms Law Consultations

Do you know when you are permitted to carry a concealed weapon?  Unsure of whether you can transport a loaded firearm from one location to another?  Do you understand in which circumstances you are justified in using your firearm for self-defense?  Do you understand how the expansion of the castle doctrine affects you? The laws regulating the possession and use of firearms in Pennsylvania are fairly complex.  The gun rights attorney at Bickerton Law offers consultations to help clients keep and carry their firearms in a lawful manner.

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