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Juvenile Record Expungement

In Pennsylvania, juvenile records are not automatically expunged. Many with juvenile records are unaware that their record is viewable until they run into problems with employment, security clearances, and obtaining firearms. An experienced expungement attorney can help you look through your record to figure out what can be expunged or sealed.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Juvenile Record Clearing in Pennsylvania

Who can see my juvenile record?

Generally, your Pennsylvania record can be accessed by the FBI, by the state police, by the court system, and by prosecutors.

Can the general public see my juvenile record?

For the most part, no, but there are very important exceptions.

Isn’t my juvenile record in Pennsylvania automatically cleared once I turn 21 or after a certain number of years?

Generally, no.

Can my juvenile record prevent me from buying or possessing a firearm?

In Pennsylvania, certain juvenile adjudications can keep you from getting or even possessing a firearm. You need to contact an attorney to find out if one of those situations applies to you.