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Parole and Probation Violation Defense

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When you are accused of violating your probation or parole, you have the right to a hearing.  At the first hearing (a Gagnon I hearing), a judge will determine whether there is probable cause to believe that you violated your probation or parole.  You are also entitled to a separate hearing for the court or parole board to determine whether your parole or probation should be revoked (a Gagnon II hearing).  If you are found to be in violation of your parole in Pennsylvania, the court can sentence you to serve the rest of your sentence in prison.  If you violate your probation, the court can sentence you up to the maximum of time you faced when you were originally sentenced.  Therefore, it is important to have an attorney experienced in parole and probation violations represent you at your hearings.  If you are in violation of your probation or parole, contact Pittsburgh-area criminal defense lawyer William R. Bickerton for a case evaluation.

Even if you have already had your violation or parole revocation hearing, an experienced criminal defense attorney like William Bickerton can help you appeal the ruling.  If you would like to appeal your violation sentence or file for an administrative review, call (412) 596-8124 for a consultation.

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