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Landlord/Tenant Lawyer in Western Pennsylvania

Whether the term is month to month or on an annual basis, leases can’t be terminated without a good reason and notice. Before doing anything to break a lease, you should consult with an experienced attorney for advice on how to end a lease the right way.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Landlord/Tenant claims and evictions in Pennsylvania

Can my landlord evict me without notice?

No. Pennsylvania law requires landlords to give notice before evicting a tenant

Can a tenant move out before the end of the lease?

Unless the tenant has permission from the landlord, they may be liable for unpaid rent if they terminate the lease before the agreed upon term is over.

Can my landlord come into my apartment without letting me know in advance?

Generally, no.

If my apartment doesn’t have heat or is otherwise uninhabitable, do I have to pay rent?

There is a procedure that you can follow if your apartment is unfit for people to live in. Contact an attorney to find out what the law requires you to do.

Is there still a covid eviction moratorium in Pittsburgh?


If I can’t pay my rent, should I just wait for my landlord to evict me?

As of this writing, even unsuccessful eviction filings show up on residential background checks. If possible, you may be better off trying to negotiate a payment plan or other solution with your landlord before you fall behind on your rent.

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