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An inchoate crime is defined as “a step toward the commission of another crime, the step in itself being serious enough to merit punishment.”

Criminal attempt

It’s illegal to intend to and take a substantial step towards committing a crime

Criminal solicitation

If you try to get someone else to commit a crime, you are committing a crime.

Criminal conspiracy

A person who agrees with another to commit or attempt to commit a crime can be charged with a criminal conspiracy. It’s also considered to be conspiracy if a person tries to help plan or commit a crime.

Possessing instruments of crime

It is illegal to possess anything that it only used to commit crimes and has no other clearly lawful purpose.

Prohibited offensive weapons

It’s illegal to possess certain weapons that the Pennsylvania legislature has determined are too offensive to legally have. Prohibited offensive weapons include:

  • Bombs
  • Grenades
  • Machine guns
  • Sawed-off shotguns with barrels shorter than 18 inches
  • Firearms made or adapted to be hidden or operated silently
  • Blackjacks
  • Sandbags
  • Metal (brass) knuckles
  • Daggers
  • Knives, blades, or razors where the blade is exposed through a push-button, spring mechanism, or anything else that makes the blade automatically deploy
  • Stun guns, stun batons, tasers, or any other electric or electronic weapon that’s used to cause serious bodily injury and has no common lawful purpose

Use or possession of an electric or electronic incapacitation device

Electric or electronic devices like tasers can be lawful if they’re designed for self-defense and the device has a label that has instructions and information about the damage it can cause

Manufacture, distribution or possession of master keys for motor vehicles

Unless you have a vehicle master key for certain occupations and lawful purposes, it’s illegal to possess a vehicle master key.

Manufacture, distribution or possession of devices for theft of telecommunications services

Corrupt organizations

It’s unlawful to be in a group that is designed to participate in crime and certain other racketeering activities. This means gangs or even informal collectives.

Possession of weapon on school property

It’s illegal to possess a weapon on school grounds unless that weapon is there for a lawful purpose. Note that students are subject to school and school district policies that may subject them to additional restrictions on what weapons they may have on school grounds.

Possession of firearm or other dangerous weapon in court facility

It’s unlawful to bring a firearm or prohibited offensive weapon into a court facility.