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On June 17th, four Amish juveniles were charged after being pulled over in a horse and buggy in Sparta Township. The report from the Pennsylvania State Police Corry Unit noted that the buggy was pulled over because the youths, who were between 17 and 20 years old, appeared to be riding in the buggy in an unsafe way. While all four of the juveniles were charged with underage drinking, the buggy operator was also charged with driving under the influence.

<em>Crawford county juveniles were charged with underage drinking One 20 year old was charged with driving a horse and buggy while under the influence<em>

In Pennsylvania, a vehicle is defined as a device that can be driven or drawn on a highway. Because of this definition, a person can be charged with DUI for riding a bicycle or operating a horse and buggy while under the influence. Interestingly enough, a rider cannot be charged with DUI if they are only riding a horse.