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**UPDATE: 7/20/2022 12:20 AM**

Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 1183 into law on July 11, 2022. The new law, Act 20 of 2022, takes effect on September 9th, 2022.


The Pennsylvania House and Senate have passed a bill allowing the police to seize and sell ATVs, dirt-bikes, and other off-road vehicles that are operated illegally in the state after certain offenses. The bill has been sent to Governor Tom Wolf.

In Pennsylvania, ATVs and snowmobiles aren’t permitted to be operated on any street or highway that isn’t specifically marked for that type of use. Under the new law, any off-road vehicle that is found being used on a highway, sidewalk, or bicycle lane will be subject to “asset forfeiture” for a second or subsequent offense. Asset forfeiture is a process where the state is permitted to take your property permanently. The forfeiture would be in addition to any fines or court costs that may be assessed.

State and local governments have been taking progressively stricter approaches to dealing with an increase in the operation of off-road vehicles in urban and suburban areas. While some residents find the ATVs and dirt-bikes to be a nuisance, others argue that using the vehicles in higher density areas is unsafe for the operator and those around them

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