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Criminal Law

Learn about Misdemeanor and Felony offenses in Pennsylvania

Cyber and Internet Law

Cyber Law, Reputation, and Privacy Law

In this day and age, it’s possible to be charged with a crime based upon something that was done on the internet. It’s also possible to find your life and career in ruins because of cancel culture. Learn more about Cyber Law, and the right to reputation and privacy in Pennsylvania

A car

Traffic Tickets and Summary Offenses in Pennsylvania

Learn about the different traffic code violations and summary level offenses in Pennsylvania


Is using an online resource like this a substitute for talking to a lawyer?

Generally not. There are some cases where the facts are fairly simple and the stakes are so low that you can use internet research to represent yourself. The problem is that, if you aren’t trained in the law, you may not know whether your facts are simple or whether the stakes are low.

Should I hire a lawyer based upon what I see online alone?

What you see on the internet is never a complete picture. To know if a law firm is right for you, you need to know how much they’ve trained in and handled situations like yours.

How can a criminal record affect my reputation?

A criminal conviction can affect your driver’s license, your occupational license, custody of your children. With the internet a lot of the information about your background can be found online.

What do I do if I need a consultation with a lawyer?

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