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The York Daily Record has a story about how George Geisler, the law enforcement personnel director of the Pennsylvania DUI Association, is advocating for more DUI detection training for local Pennsylvania police officers.

In the article, Geisler notes that DUI is the number one crime in Pennsylvania. He argues that only one in four people stopped for suspected DUI is actually arrested for DUI. Geisler also said, “[s]ince DUI is the number one crime in the state, you would think you would have the number one amount of training for that crime.” Local police officers counter that training is sufficient and officers learn how to apprehend those suspected of DUI more effectively through real-life experience and on-the-street training. The article also points out that “[t]ime and funding for DUI training also competes with training for more specialized needs, including child abuse, sex crimes, homicides, burglaries and robberies.”

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