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After a mistrial where 10 jurors were in favor of acquittal, prosecutors in California dropped the driving without a valid license charge against Britney Spears. While the prosecutor claims that it is difficult to prosecute a celebrity in California, Spears’ defense attorney noted that it was odd that the charge made it to trial in the first place.

In many driving without a valid license cases, the offender has no valid license in any state. In Britney Spears’ case, she had a valid Louisiana driver’s license. Her attorney contends that in most cases, a person who has a valid license in another state but failed to obtain the proper license in California is permitted to get a valid California license to make the charge go away. In Spears’ case, the state refused to settle for less than a misdemeanor conviction.

This case brings out two important points for possible defendants:

1.) If you move to a new state, be sure to check the licensing requirements. (In Pennsylvania, you must obtain a Pennsylvania driver’s license within 60 days of moving to the state.)

2.) No matter how insignificant your case may seem, never assume that the prosecution will be willing to “just work it out.” ALWAYS be prepared to fight your case.

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