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Payment Options

Bickerton Law recognizes that the expense of hiring a lawyer can be daunting.  As a former public defender, defense lawyer William R. Bickerton knows that many defendants can’t qualify for a public defender or simply don’t want one, but think that they can’t afford a private attorney.  At Bickerton Law, we think that every defendant deserves to be able to hire a private lawyer.  We provide high quality criminal defense for fees that are not exorbitant.

Bickerton Law serves criminal defendants in all walks of life and at all income levels.  Since our fees are based upon the nature of the charges and the anticipated complexity of your case, we charge you for the amount of work your case takes, not how much we think you can pay.  As part of our case evaluation, Bickerton Law will give you an estimate of what our fee will be up front. For clients that are eligible for ARD or other expedited case resolutions, Bickerton Law offers a streamlined case fee.

For more information on our fees, call the criminal defense firm of Bickerton Law for a case evaluation today.