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According to the 2007 Uniform Crime Report, the number of crimes reported to Pennsylvania State Police dropped 2.2 percent in 2007.

These statistics include:

*Arrests for driving under the influence increased 4.4 percent

*Drug-abuse violations increased 0.9 percent

*Murders decreased 1.2 percent

*Forcible rapes dropped 3.2 percent

*Robberies declined 7 percent

*Aggravated assaults dropped 3.1 percent

*Burglaries dropped 1.6 percent

*Larcenies/thefts dropped 0.7 percent

*Motor-vehicle theft dropped 9.7 percent

*Arsons dropped 3.2 percent

*Incidents of vandalism dropped 7.3 percent

*Arrests of juveniles for all crimes dropped 6.1 percent

*Reported “hate crime” incidents increased from 136 in 2004 to 151 in 2005.

*Crimes reported on college campuses in the state dropped 7.2 percent

*The number of assaults on police officers in Pennsylvania dropped 0.2 percent

*Total number of crimes reported to state police dropped 0.8 percent